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New appointed Czech president inclines “Russian” model of democracy?

After the resignation of Petr Nečas, Czech president Miloš Zeman appointed Jiří Rusnok as the new prime minister. Rusnok is now responsible for forming a caretaker government and seeking parliamentary confidence. His deadline is 60-days. Political parties oppose his decisions and it is very likely that they would do everything in their power to dissolve the parliament. Traditionaly, Czech politics goes as follows: name calling and accusations of having “communist (in the meaning of total Lees verder, bekijk reacties en reageer...

Czech government falling apart after high ranking politicians is convicted of corruption.

Prime Minister Petr Nečas resigned as a result of allegations of corruption within the highest posts of the Czech government. The coalition currently holding power are ODS (Civic Democratic Party), TOP 09 (Conservative), the original party of VV (Fiscal conservatives). The remaining coalition will try to form a new government and nominate a prime minister from within the remaining ranks of their parties. Mr. Nečas made his decision to quit after his chief of staff, Jane Nagyova, was charged wi Lees verder, bekijk reacties en reageer...